The Living Word School of Ministry is starting a campus here at the Holy Ghost Temple.
The campus shall be opened in February 2017 and lectures will be held from Monday 6th February to Friday 17th February 2017.
The lectures shall be in two sessions; a morning session from 6-8am, and an evening session from 6-8pm.
Admission forms are on sale at GHS 50 and the tuition fees per trimester is GHS 300.
Kindly visit the tent mounted in front of the Youth Hall for further enquiry and purchase of the admission forms.




  1. Samson says

    Have been ignoring the call of God upon my life to serve him full time as youth Pastor… I discovered that for everytime I encourage people there spirits are uplifted and they get back on track again….I love to inspire people and encourage them to understand whatever it is that seem to be the darkest area of there life is just a process that God is just taking them through to give there life a true meaning…will be most privileged if I be granted scholarship to go through the school of ministry

    • admin says

      Hello Samson, are you a member of our Church?

      • Samson says

        Just 2 weeks in Ghana from Liberia with my wife and kids..I just started attending the branch at dansoman

        • admin says

          Hello Samson, the main branch of the Living Word School of Ministry is at ICGC Christ Temple, Abossey Okai. That is much closer to Dansoman, please contact them for assistance.

    • nana says


      • hgt says

        Please contact Christ Temple on 0302688000 or 0302688002

  2. Richard says

    (1)I want to know if the admission is for certificate or diploma
    (2)The duration is it for one year or two years
    (3)The tuition fees is it for every three month or for the three terms in the year
    (4)when will be your next admission. Thank you.

    • admin says

      Hello Richard,
      1. The program awards a Certificate. There is the Diploma option for those who would like to major
      2. It is a one year program
      3. The tuition is GHC 300 per trimester. (The program runs three times in a year)
      4. Next admission is in August

      If you have further questions, kindly call 0302503011, 0302503066, or 0302511151.

  3. Vincent Afedi martey says

    no week end school for the work class ?

    • admin says

      Hello Vincent
      There are no weekend classes for the Living Word School. Classes are in two sessions; morning and evening.

  4. Ben says

    1. Plz do classes run everyday for all the days within the week ?
    2. I want to enrol for de next academic program so can u plz furnish me with the modalities?
    3. Which campuses are the classes run because I stay at Dansoman?

    • admin says

      Hello Ben, Since you live in Dansoman, kindly contact Christ Temple as it is the closest campus to you.
      You can reach Christ Temple via 0302688000 on phone and by email.

  5. Daniel says

    I like to attend this school, I live in Tema, is there any campus close to me?
    Also, I’ve called the contacts provided countless times without response, please make reaching you accessible
    Thank you

    • hgt says

      Please contact Christ Temple on 0302688000 or 0302688002

  6. Mensah Joshua says

    Please am a young boy am in Accra who want to an Evangelist cos i love to preach inspire and always want to bring people to Christ please i want to ask if I will i get a father or a mentor to mentor me to achieve my aim of becoming a great Evangelist in future because am ever ready to serve ??? thank u

    • hgt says

      Dear Joshua,
      We thank God for the zeal in your heart towards the things of God.
      Please speak to Rev Emmanuel Annobil when you come to church.
      You can speak to the front desk of the church office for assistance in reaching Rev Annobil.
      Stay blessed.

  7. William kwaku Addai says

    Please I’m in Kumasi. How can I get to join the living word school of ministry. Any help for those of us in Kumasi?
    Please thank you

    • hgt says

      Kindly contact the Head Office for assistance.

  8. Lucky says

    Can i please know when the lines you have given are active so i can call because the lines are not being answered. Thank you

    • hgt says

      You can reach us on 0302511151 or 0302503011.

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