Get to know about the Holy Ghost Temple

This is the Holy Ghost Temple of the International Central Gospel Church (I.C.G.C.). We are a Bible – believing Charismatic Church with a commitment to bringing leadership and vision to our generation and influencing our society with the principles of the Kingdom of God. Our Primary commitment (Acts 1:8 ): To prepare the African to be a blessing to the world, Break the spirit of inferiority, Cultivate a spirit of excellence, and Play our role in God’s end-time agenda. Our message ( Romans 1:16 ): Salvation from Sin, Acceptance for outcasts, Strength for the weak, Healing for the Body, Liberty for the mind, Freedom for the Oppressed, Hope for the Future, Prosperity for honest labour, Dominion over the flesh, and Abundance of Life in Christ. Your Part in the Vision (Psalm 68:11): Commit your life  to Christ, Live a Christ-Centered life, Serve with your gifts and talents, Pray for the church and its leaders, and Support the Church Financially.

Church Services

We meet on Sunday morning for our Worship Service. On Tuesday evenings, we meet again for our Teaching Service. Our Prophetic Solution Centre is held on Thursday mornings. Then we meet again on Friday evenings for our Prayer Service. On the first Saturday of every month, we meet early in the morning for our Morning Prayers. We also partake in the Holy Communion of our Lord Jesus Christ on the first Friday of each month. Finally, we bring our First Fruits/Tithes to God on the first Sunday of each month.

Time & Location

Our Sunday Worship Service begins at 8:00am.

Our Thursday Prophetic Solution Centre begins at 12:00 Noon.

Our Friday Prayer Service begins at 6:0pm.

We are located in Adenta Frafraha, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.


Common Questions

We have two large parking lots for our visitors and members that are only a few steps from our main entrance. We also have a great crew of cheerful and enthusiastic parking attendants who will quickly and efficiently guide you through the parking process. Simply turn into our driveway and someone will be standing there to guide you. Don’t be confused if you see cars parked on the street, we have plenty of spots in our lot  for everyone.
Our Children’s Ministry is the perfect place for your children aged 2 to 12 years to go while you attend the Adult service. We have over 100 Child Facilitators who teach and care for your children every week. Our Children Ministry is grouped into various classes to cater for the needs of children of all ages. The Samuel and Joseph Classes both take care of children aged 2-3 years. The Daniel and Ruth classes both take care of children aged 4-5 years, the Angel and Esther classes both take care of children aged 6-7 years, the Blessing and Victory classes both take care of children aged 8-9 years, the Super class takes care of children aged 10-11, and the Purity class takes care of children aged 12+.
We have a dynamic Youth Ministry tailored to meet the needs of youth aged 13 to 19. Our Youth Ministry is aimed at developing all the aspects of the young person’s being and meet the needs that arise in the process of their development. Our decicated Youth Facilitators help the youth to develop into the fulness of the image and character of Jesus Christ. Our Youth Service is divided into two sections; the Junior Youth, and the Senior Youth. The Junior Youth caters for teenagers in the JHS level, while the Senior Youth caters for teenagers in the SHS and tertiary level.
We want you to feel comfortable. After all, we are thrilled that you’re joining us and want you to be more focused on the service than what you’re wearing. We however encourage decency and cleanliness in every aspect of our lives which includes our physical appearance. We encourage you to wear whatever you have, but plead that it only be clean and decent.

What to expect

Worship experience Our service may include quiet times of waiting in God’s presence, spiritually savoring the sacred atmosphere. Other times may be vocal with collective praise as worshippers spontaneously express love and adoration to God. In everything, a flow of worship should be evident and despite the spontaneity and excitement, a certain properness and order. Worship styles will reflect the spectrum of personalities. Some are quiet and reserved; some shout with joy; others are simply tender and openly emotional during times of praise or preaching. No worshipper will feel out of place in our Church, and each expression will blend without disruption into the flow of worship.

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