"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." - Ephesians 4:29

Testimonies encourage, uplift, and inspire us in our Christian walk. Below are some of the testimonies of the Goodness and Might of God; we hope that as you read them, you'll be inspired, uplifted, and encouraged.

Yesterday, 2nd June 2022, was anointing service at the Solution Centre and I came to partake of the anointing service. Led by Prophet Annor, we prayed on our oils individually. I prayed for healing for myself and my kids and other things I asked God to do for me. My last boy kept complaining of navel pains. It comes and goes. After the service,  I anointed all of my kids when they returned from school. I prayed and asked for healing for my son as I was anointing his navel. Within 20 minutes, he said "mummy I don't feel good. I feel like vomiting." His vomit was yellowish. Immediately, I felt in my soul that my son was healed. I give God all the thanks and praise. - Barbara
I woke up with severe stomache ache this dawn. I couldn’t find a plausible reason for the pain. I took a prayer mantle received at church, placed it on the site and said a short prayer. Before I could finish my prayer, the pain was gone. God is actively working miracles in the lives of His children. Praise be to His holy name. I am exceedingly grateful. - Josephyne
For the past three months beginning from the month of November into the new year (Jan) I have been trusting God for an amount of $50,000 to settle debts, pay my clients, pay bills and for living expenses. I kept praying but didn't see any sign. However after engaging in Prayer with the assistant Pastor on the 10th of January, I kept trusting God and believing with faith that He will answer. By the Grace of God so far I have received an amount of GHC60,000 into my business. I have been able to pay some of my clients, paid some of my debts as well. Although there's more to be settled and capital for my business. I still want to Thank God for this Miracle as I await the complete fulfillment of my prayer. Thank you Jesus. - Matilda
I decided to sow $20 dollars to the Lord, when I did I felt a sensation in my stomach and I heard the voice of the Lord saying something has be removed there. It could be sickness but whatever it was, the Lord worked on me and that moved me to sow more. Glory be to the God of Christopher Annor, our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you. - Jocelyn
Since 2013, I have been applying for a scholarship to study in Norway. I am thankful to God for making a way for me this year. I have been granted a full scholarship to study my Master's degree in Hydropower Development at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. I am so grateful to God for this great opportunity, may His name be praised... I want to encourage us all never to give up on God, even if it delays, trust that He will make a way for you. - Maxwell Mishio
Last week Tuesday, my left foot was swollen and I thought maybe it was the shoes I wore that had caused it. However it got worse the next day in the afternoon and progressed through to the evening. My hands and neck were stiff and pulsating as at the time I was leaving work. I got concerned and was afraid that it could be a clot because I started experiencing pain as well. I was a bit alarmed but I prayed and encouraged myself not to dread any disaster nor let fear in my heart. The next day which was a Thursday, I decided to go to the hospital because I could see and feel pressure in some of the veins on my hand and leg. Normally, I attend the anointing service before I start my daily errands and work but because I was not feeling well, I decided not to go that day. As I left the house and drove towards American house, I decided to rather go to the Thursday Service at Holy Ghost Temple and go to the hospital afterwards. At the service there was prayer for those who were sick and I prayed for healing. As we worshiped I started feeling the tension in my leg and fingers reduce but some vein on my hand was still obvious. I prayed and asked God to continue to work in my body and that I will no longer go to the hospital. By the power of God at work, when I returned home, everything that was wrong had been corrected. The swelling in the leg especially the ankle was gone, pain was gone and veins all looked normal. I praise God for His touch and His faithfulness. He does not sleep nor slumber. His eyes are on the righteous and His ears are attentive to their cry. Glory be unto His name - Nana Ampofo
I prayed for travelling mercies over the past three years. As I am writing, God has made it possible in a mysterious way. I lost hope in God, friends were laughing, and my work was getting worse. But by the grace of God, my travelling  prayers have been answered. I thank God for granting my request in His own time. I plead with the Church to help me say a big ‘Thank You’ to God. I am most grateful. - Kwaku Baah
For some months, I had been experiencing severe pains in my belly. I visited a few hospitals with no explanation or results. Within two weeks, my belly had enlarged like that of a pregnant woman. On the last day of the December edition of the Spiritual Emphasis program, as Rev Eastwood asked us to have faith to receive our healing, I waited in expectation knowing that I will leave with a testimony on my lips. The pain and protruded belly was still there as the service was about to end, but God indeed put a new song in my mouth. As Rev Eastwood asked us to receive the Holy Spirit, I felt something forcefully leave my womb. My belly had gone back to its normal size and the pain was gone never to return. Help me glorify God for this complete healing in my life. - Dzifa
I went to the bank for a matter important to me. The bank's system was down, so they couldn't access the information I needed. I really wanted access to that information quickly. The bank was quite far from my house, so I didn't want to come back anytime soon. They told me to go back to the other bank that sent my information to them in the first place.  The only other way to have gotten that information that day was to view it in my email, but for the life of me I couldn't remember the password. I tried different words and prayed and prayed. I still couldn't remember it. So I gave up and decided to create another email account, and forget about the information I had been receiving from the bank through that email for some years(because I rarely use that email account, except for when I wanted updates from the bank about my account). I was quite sad. Some days later I had a dream, and in the dream I saw a word. When I woke up I decided to try it as the password for that email. When I tried that word, I had instant access to the account! It was indeed my forgotten password. I was so happy, amazed, and grateful to God for showing me my password in my dream. Indeed the Lord talks to us through dreams and visions, like the Bible says. He really cares about every little thing that concerns us. Some earthly fathers won't care whether you can't remember your password or not, they'll just tell you to create another account, that what's the big deal? But not God... Praise the Lord! - Efua
I visited Holy Ghost Temple on 8th December 2013. There was a Baby Dedication service on that day. During the dedication, Prophet Annor said “a year by this time, everyone needing the fruit of the womb will be dedicating their baby”. After 12 years of marriage with four miscarriages, God did it for me and I have a son who turned four this September. Glory be to God Almight! - Otema Atitsogbe
I've had a condition where my brain disconnects from reality for a some seconds since childhood, therefore during those seconds I'm unable to hear what someone is saying to me; neither am I able to know what's going on around me. When this happens people may or may not be able to tell. Let's refer to such times as episodes. But by God's Grace it’s much better now and I'm off my medication. Sometimes I still get them. But I know they'll stop completely soon by His Grace... It so happened that on one particular day I was about to board a trotro (and I was having a lot of episodes).I liked smaller ones so I passed by a mate calling me into his big car and picked a smaller one. I was carrying a lot of important things I couldn't go even an evening without in my bag in the trotro's booth. I had wanted to remind the mate about my stuff in the booth, but I felt lazy since my destination was approaching. So I figured I would just tell him once I got down. The MOMENT my feet hit the ground, I had an episode , and by the time I was in control of my senses again the car had disappeared....till today I still don't know how long I stood there during the episode. When the episode was over, the nearest car I saw was a big white trotro pulling away. I didn't get the license plate of the car I sat in, I didn't even remember its make (whether it was big or small). Because I don't pay attention to the trotros I sit in, I had already forgotten that I had picked a small one. I stood there by the roadside for almost 20 minutes wondering what to do, because I didn't know how long ago the car had passed and I didn't want to go home without my important things. This was despite the fact that I was close to home. I also didn't have a phone on me, because it was being repaired, so I couldn't call anyone for help, especially my mother who was waiting for me. It was around 4.30pm, so I decided to take a taxi and hopefully catch the car on the way to its station. I hailed a taxi and explained my predicament to him and he said he couldn't help me because the amount I had on me was 30gh too short of his price, So he left me standing there. I hailed another taxi, and he was much more sympathetic and agreed to work something out with the price since I didn't have much money. He said he'll take me to the car's station and I would take a trotro back, again, because my money was small. So we left and he was asking me to describe the car, but all I knew that it was white. So I described the car I saw pulling away when the episode was over, that it was big and white. So we kept looking out for such cars. The whole time I was praying I wouldn't have an episode when he was talking to me and I would have to keep asking him to repeat himself and he would think I'm rude or weird. It was getting late at that time, and i knew my mother would be worried so I asked if I could use his phone, and then I told him about my phone and my mother. He said he also didn't have a phone, but hopefully we would get back before dark. We saw a big white trotro dropping off a passenger and the taxi driver (let's call him Kofi) told me to ask and see if that was it. And lo and behold it was the same trotro I had passed by (the big one) to pick the one that had my bag. So since I refused to enter his car, it pained him small and he had watched the car I picked instead of his (I made this deduction from a comment he made) . So he described the car I had picked for me, it was a small white car with the inscription "happy yourself. so I thanked him and got back into the taxi, I told Kofi what he said; and to my utter amazement Kofi said he was good friends with the guy who drove that particular trotro, because that guy also used to be a a taxi driver before he quit and became a trotro driver! God is good and all the time God is good! What were the chances of that happening? This can only be God! So Kofi took over the search because he knew where that car will pass and he knew exactly how it looked like, even though I had forgotten. Kofi couldn't call that driver and tell him about my situation, because he also had no phone, as I said before. So we went to that trotro's "last stop", it didnt come; and because we were unfamiliar with the area we left there and went to the fork of a road where he assured me that the car would pass. We sat there as it got dark and Kofi got out and watched the cars, waiting to catch that car when it passed, whilst I sat in the car. I was still praying that I wouldn't have an episode whilst the trotro driver, the mate, or Kofi would talk to me, as I would need to describe my bag to the mate. Since Kofi didn't know how my bag looked. I was afraid I would have an episode and they would think I'm rude and just drive off again with the bag. I was worried because I was still having episodes as I sat In the taxi (stress increases them). I kept praying that we would catch the car. As I watched the cars pass by one taxi's inscription said "trust in God", and I was comforted. It was dark and I started to doubt Kofi, I just wanted to go and wait for the car back at the station where it belonged, but he assured me that the car would pass there. So we waited. I was worried about my mother, as she expected me back hours ago and since I'm a lady, she was probably imagining the worst... Then I stood by the roadside with Kofi. Then the car with my bag came! They stopped on their own upon seeing me, because they had noticed I had left my bag in their car. Both the mate and driver got down and gave me the bag whilst Kofi and the trotro driver caught up. The mate told me not to pay for using their boot. Then Kofi and I thanked them and we left. Kofi was so worried that my mother would be out of her mind with worry that he does sped all the way back home, whilst thanking God for what God had done for me. Kofi should have charged me much more because him taking me to my doorstep wasn't part of the plan. All he asked me for when I asked for the price was an extra ten Ghana Cedis. But he had done too much so I gave him extra 30 Ghana Cedis from some money in the house. So that's my story. Praise the Lord - Nana
I thank God for delivering me from two serious disasters this latter part of the year 2017. Last month, I almost run into a car with a bicycle but God saved me by causing the bicycle to swiftly dodge the car, avoiding a gutter right at the other side. The bicycle scratched the car but nothing happened to me. At the mention of the name JESUS, HE truly comes to save us. Last night at about 11pm I had a call and decided to go outside to answer the call. As I was about to wear my slippers, I strangely pushed the right one aside before putting my leg in it. To my horror, there was a snake coiled under my slippers. If it had not been God on my side, orchestrating things in my favour, the snake would have bitten me had I worn the slippers right away. I immediately called my dad and we killed it. I then prayed and burnt the snake. I can’t thank GOD enough for sparing my life. I owe it all to HIM! - Ativoe Mavis
Sometime in July this year 2017, I contacted you through a third party about my two year old only child, Josh who had been admitted at a hospital. He reacted badly to a medication given at another hospital, so he was diagnosed with "Steven Johnsons" syndrome. It was touch and go for long periods and for a while we thought we had lost him. You replied that it was well and he will be totally healed. Indeed as you prophesied, God stepped in when all hope was almost lost and saved our precious Joshua. He's now even stronger than before. On behalf of my wife and Joshua, we say thank you very much for your prayers and support. We lost our first child, also a boy, so you can imagine how much Joshua means to us. Prophet Annor, God bless you most abundantly and increase your anointing beyond measure. Thank you sir. --- Gideon Quartey
"When I look back on my life, I'm reminded of one day long ago when Mercy Said No!" Extracts from my life… Back in 2003 whilst on vacation, my mother asked me to attend a mid-week prayer service with her. Before she could finish what she was saying, my brain automatically started scanning for that perfect excuse. Obviously she didn't buy it and my fate was sealed when she pulled the emotional card "You never like going anywhere with me". Growing up I became accustomed to towing the line on battles to win and those to loose especially when dealing with family. I evaluated my current situation - I still had a few weeks till university reopened and I needed to enjoy it in peace. It would do me no good to share it with a sulking mother. I reluctantly gave in and followed her to the service. This was my first time at a prayer service. The leader stood in front and the service began. We began to pray but I soon lost focus. I thought to myself gosh these people can pray. I come from a background where prayer was Psalm 23, the Lord's Prayer, the Apostle's Creed and Te Deum - Please note that this in no way throws shade on my fundamental religious upbringing which continues to shape the person I am today. I wasn't use to praying this way. Whilst the praying progressed I opened my eyes and stared right into the eyes of the leader - He was looking at me. I quickly closed my eyes and thought crap...He just caught my wavering moment. I immediately closed my eyes and continued praying. The prayer part of the service came to an end and I thought finally we can go home. Then the leader said "There is a lady here sitting in this row, 3rd line 4th seat." No one stood up, then he said "She is wearing a black blouse and jeans skirt." All of a sudden I felt a nudge from my mother promoting me to stand. My mind went blank, I thought No Way He Can't be Referring To Me. Then he said "Barbara". My mother told me to go forward. I walked to where he stood as did two other ladies. He asked the other two "Are you Barbara as well, they said no but they both knew a Barbara and would stand in for her." Then he said "Whose father is “xxxx”?" I froze. I lifted my hand. He smiled and said "Whilst praying I saw you laying in a coffin, someone wants to use you to get to your father but God reveals to redeem. Let's pray." He prayed for and with me. You cannot begin to imagine my emotional state. My life after that day has been filled with numerous revelations. Three major ones which hit me got me thinking - I am continuously the person He keeps picking from the miry clay. Who am I that He is so mindful of? Someone once said - Evil is not bothered with one who is stagnant or going nowhere. Once it sees progression it reacts. But the Lord knows His own, even before we were born He knew us. He keeps our future a secret and builds a wall around us to protect us. Grace intervened that day. What if my excuse had won? What if I was stubborn and refused to go? What if? What if? What if? Nothing in this world happens by chance. The Lord always orders our steps even when we are so far from Him. His love transcends and draws us close. He does this continuously till we get to the point of self-actualization and abide under His perfect wings.... 2003 and counting!!!! Oh the leader is Prophet Annor.... --- Barbara
God has done great and mighty things for us. The devil sought to destroy our children. Our daughter did not utter a word untill she was about 2 years old. We kept pronouncing the word of God over her life. (Philippians 4:13; I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, amongst others). Our daughter was 4 years on the 27th of June. She is talking and saying things that surprise us. We are still trusting God for more, and for clarity of speech. She is in class with her peers and does as well as the average student, and that is indeed a miracle. Our God has been faithful. We know that He will perfect what he has started to the glory of His name in Jesus name. Amen. --- Josephine and Paa Kwasi Konadu
We got wedded on 22nd February 2014, and began our life together as husband and wife. For some reason, we could not ‘meet’ as man and wife, and it was hard for me to understand. I soon realized it wasn't normal so I suggested to my husband that as part of our honeymoon, we should attend a prayer meeting. I suggested ICGC Holy Ghost Temple, although we were not members of the Church and he agreed. We were there on 27th February 2014 and in the course of the service, Prophet Annor called out a couple who were looking for the fruit of the womb. As he began praying for them, I said in my heart that "Lord Jesus, I tap into this anointing", though I had just gotten married! Then I saw a lightning like an arrow that moved from where the Prophet stood directly towards me, so I ask my husband whether he saw it, but he answered no. However, I felt something and I knew God had begun something in me. God removed that barrier and we were able to “meet” as husband and wife. A month later, I discovered that I was pregnant! Glory be to God! I come from a family that rarely marries, and according to my mother in law, all those who get wedded in the family hardly gives birth, so they rather resolve to giving birth before marriage. Nevertheless, I declared that I am different and that God will not disappoint us, and indeed, He used His servant, Prophet Annor to deliver us. Although the enemy tried hard with all kinds of attacks on me , resulting in my baby being delivered through CS, God still prevailed for us. Today, we are expecting our third child! This is something they said was impossible, but our God is a God of possibilities who makes all things possible. Hallelujah!! --- Florence
My wife and I were involved in a near fatal motor accident in September 2015, just a few minutes’ drive away from home. A speeding car veered off suddenly from its lane and crushed head-on into ours. Our vehicle was severely mangled. It is a miracle that we got out alive. I texted Prophet Annor when we were stabilised at the hospital. After a few minutes, he replied that "the accident was intended to kill us but God preserved our lives". Even though we both suffered varying injuries, that of my wife was very critical. Her tongue was almost severed, had a fractured arm which required surgery, in addition to a crack in her skull. It has been a long road to recovery but God has and will always be good. In the year preceding the accident, I lost my dad. Nearly four months after the accident, my mum was also called to be with the Lord. Just a few weeks after the interment of my mum, our house got flooded during a rain storm. We lost almost all our possessions. God's divine grace and mercy were at work again. The volume of the flood water was such that the whole family could have easily drowned. The rest of the family had to stay in a neighbour's house for a fortnight whilst the house was made habitable again. The devil tried his best but couldn't succeed. God brought joy into lives last year in the midst of our afflictions. My wife conceived last year in February. This was after a seven year wait ( which seemed like eternity) for our second child. By the grace of God, we were blessed with a miracle handsome baby boy last October. My family and I give glory and honour to God for protecting and keeping us alive during those near fatal incidents. He will surely bring greater and bigger to us starting with the birth of our son. We are eternally grateful to you Lord. You made a way when life seemed to be over. Thank you Prophet and Rev Mrs. Annor for your prayers and support over the years. God richly bless you. --- Bernard
Thank God for giving us such a big testimony to share. On 16th November 2014, our daughter became sick and was admitted at a hospital in Canada, and coincidentally her doctor was a Ghanaian. After a week she was discharged. I rushed there and after two months, I brought her to Ghana. After a while things became better so we went back to Canada and all this while, Pastor James never stopped praying for us. After some months we came back to Ghana. One day we came for the Prophetic Solution Center and Prophet Annor called us and asked me if I came from Adukrom and he prayed for us. Three weeks later, we were again at the Prophetic Solution Center and Prophet Annor called out a row and a seat number and it fell on me. One time, my name and birthday were mentioned; he never stopped praying for us. All this while, God was breaking yokes and delivering the family. After all these deliverances, my daughter had a series of serious attacks. She could not talk, sleep, or walk. Throughout the nights, her eyes would stay opened, just staring with tears running down her cheeks. She went through series of tests and CT scans, with all showing that her brain and everything were in good condition. At one point, the attack came during a prayer session at the solution Center. Prophet did not see us, and we went back home depressed because I did not know what to tell my husband when he came back from work, because she was fine before he left for work. The next day we had to carry her to a clinic because her condition became worse but I insisted that we come for prayers from Prophet Annor. I called Pastor James on phone and informed him that we were on our way to see the Prophet, but he said that Prophet had visitors and as such would come to the church at about 5:30pm, but asked us to come anyway. When we got there, we stayed in our car at the parking lot and Pastor James came to us and began calling out her name. All that while, her eyes were closed, mouth was shut, body was stiff, and she couldn’t take a step to get out of the car. Less than five minutes later, a car entered the compound and Pastor James proclaimed: “God is God, Prophet has arrived”. It was only at about 4:30pm. He met Prophet at his car and walked him to ours. Prophet Annor prayed a short prayer for my daughter, and then we went back to the clinic and recovered after some days. She took her phone after her healing and recovery to check her email and found that Columbia University had offered her admission to do her Masters. She showed it to me and we were not sure so I told her to rush to her dad who was in his car and about to leave for work. He confirmed it and came with her inside the house and we all jumped and jubilated together. This is what God can do for us. It was through failures upon failures in pursuing her education, after doing so well in her First Degree that brought all these problems. The devil was trying to use lack of finances too to prevent her from pursuing her Masters Degree but God orchestrated things for us and we thank God for healing her and bringing back her joy. Her recovery and progress in life have scattered people who do not wish her well in our lives as psalms 71:13 confirms. We say thank you Jesus. Thank you to Prophet Annor. Thank you to Pastor James. Thank you to all friends and loved ones who persistently and continually helped us in prayers. To God be the glory. Amen. --- The Ampadu Family
In December 2015 I received a phone call from my boss, who told me that due to budget constraints they had to lay me off from work. I was an expatriate who worked outside Ghana. At that time, I had taken a loan of GHS 96,000 from one of the banks in Ghana to support my wife in our supermarket business. The first thing which came to my mind after my boss gave me the news was how I was going to pay off the loan and at the same time take care of my family. I didn’t let this weigh me down, but still kept faith in God. I kept pressing forward with prayer day and night. In January 2016 I received a call from one of my old bosses who had a new contract and wanted me to come and work with him. I couldn’t hide my joy and have never stopped praising and thanking God. He maintained my old salary and thanks be to God, I have been able to pay off the loan and will be paying the last installment this month. This is just one of my testimonies, I can go on and on and on. Brothers and sisters, we serve a living God! God is always faithful and He never ceases to amaze me. --- Erzuah
Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me bless His holy name. Praise the Lord for manifesting healing in my body. I had pain in my right breast and it was so severe that I had to be careful even when dressing up. I testified at the Prophetic Solution Center of my healing. After my testimony, I began to feel the pain in both breasts, but I affirmed my faith on the Word of God. To the glory of God, now I have no pain at all. My 20 month old son also had sinus problems. He could also wake up crying so intensely. I noticed during one of those nights that he was having a seizure. I rebuked the devil in the name of Jesus, confessing that the One in my son is greater than the one in the world (1 John 4:4). This had not happened before until the night of the day he was anointed by Prophet Annor at the Prophetic Solution Center. That night, the seizure only involved his face. The Lord reminded me of His word in Luke 4:35 (But Jesus rebuked him saying be quiet and come out of him. And when the demon had thrown him in their midst, it came out of him and did not hurt him). After the children were anointed at the Prophetic Solution Center, the sinus finally cleared up. Now he sleeps more soundly with less noisy breathing. Hallelujah! Praise the good Lord, my son is free. My 3 year old daughter is not expressing appropriate speech and language for her age. She can say some words and is having speech therapy at Korle-Bu. God has delivered me from the spirit of worry. I have cast all my cares on Him according to 1 Peter 5:7. I bless God that He is leading me in His word to come to His rest in Jesus name. Amen --- J.B Konadu
I visited Holy Ghost Temple about 5 years ago with a friend during a visit to Ghana. Recently, I went to Ghana for a couple of days to attend the Prophetic Solution Center because I needed a solution in my life. I was informed about the Solution Center and attended one service before returning. After many years of relationship disappointments, with the last one almost taking my life, I realized I needed a solution urgently so I went to Ghana without even informing my family in Ghana. On that fateful Thursday during the Solution Center, I cried and worshiped the Lord at the altar and told God to change my life. I was scheduled to see Prophet Annor after the service but other things came up and we could not meet. I was a bit disappointed and returned back home. When I got home, I watched the recording of the service and realized that Prophet Annor actually addressed my issue during his ministration and declared that restoration was coming soon. He told the congregation that God had given back our lands and all the disappointments were over. To the glory of God, my heart is at peace now and God has blessed me with a beautiful 3 bedroom home. God has given me a reason to live and worship Him. God bless you my prophet. I watch Solution Center live every Thursday. Thank you IT team for your good work. God bless you all. --- Akosua from USA
On Tuesday 23rd August 2016, I boarded a flight from Washington D.C to Accra. As always, we the passengers casually strolled in and made our way to our seats, largely ignoring most of the safety instructions video. A few minutes into take-off when the pilot had made maximum acceleration and a few feet up in the air, the plane suddenly came down, hit the tarmac, and a screeching noise ensued. The pilot had hit the brakes so hard and yet the plane was still in forward motion for another five minutes. The stewards were screaming for us to be in a brace position with our heads down, and some passengers were also screaming in panic. Ten minutes later, we came to a screeching halt with an announcement made that the flight had been aborted. Our main engine had failed suddenly! If we had gone but twenty minutes in the air, over the Atlantic Ocean, I would not be here sharing this testimony. God had His angels in the front, rear, and sides of the aircraft and kept us from going further up. He brought us on the ground the moment things went awry and kept 265 souls safe. Emergency crew came up and transported us all back to the terminal where we were given hotel vouchers to stay overnight. As a result of the sudden impact on the ground, 4 tyres had completely burst out with smoke rising from the burning rubber. The engine had also completely failed and the plane was still on the runway as at 12 noon the following afternoon. We boarded a new aircraft, and ten hours later when we landed at Kotoka, we all burst out in a loud cheer; GLORY BE TO GOD! I praise Him for His protection and travelling mercies, and I thank Him for preserving my life. --- Gifty Adu
Our God is indeed a prayer answering God. There was this job that I had been chasing for some time. For them to call me for an interview was even a problem. As such, I didn't joke with this year's Spiritual Emphasis month at all. I pleaded with God to surprise me with a change of job before the year ended. Immediately after Spiritual Emphasis, the Lord indeed surprised me with this change. The same company which I had been chasing to no avail finally called me. Beloved, this job I had been seeking for years has been given to me without going through any interview or other formalities. I was just called to come for my appointment letter without going through the normal process. Indeed, the Holy Spirit was speaking through Prophet Annor when he said that people were going to leap into their breakthroughs after our Spiritual Emphasis month. I have leapt into mine and I want to encourage everyone reading this testimony right now that, our God is still in His miracle business. All we need is to have faith in Him and keep trusting in Him and He will do far exceedingly and abundantly beyond our comprehension. May He bless us all. --- Afrakomah
I stayed home for a year after my National Service, hopping from one interview to another. I tried all I could but I was never called for a job offer. During last year's Spiritual Emphasis month, I gathered up my faith and fully partook in the prayer and fasting for the month. During the local Greater Works Conference at my branch, my pastor said to me that God said he hadn't forgotten about me and that I would get a job soon as an Administrative Assistant. Honestly, my faith was all gone but I believed in God and decided to give it one more try. I met an old friend that same week and he informed me about a job opening in the company he worked for. I applied for the job and was called the next day for an interview. It was the calmest and easiest interview I’ve ever had, although it was for a position in a department I knew nothing about. By the grace of God, I was hired instantly and begun work 10 days after the interview. Glory be to God, I've been given a promotion to a higher position and I know God isn't finished with me yet. To God be the glory! --- Nana Akosua
In 2013, I attended the Greater Works Conference in London, UK. During the service, Prophet Annor walked up to me and told me that the Lord said that He would give me a British passport. At that time, I was waiting for my Indefinite Stay, and I didn’t even have enough money to apply for a British passport. However, because I heard a Word from God through the Prophet, I quickly applied for the British passport even though I had not received my Indefinite Stay. I even applied for the passport without sending any money with my documents. Glory be to God, I received a reply from them within two weeks, informing me that my application had been approved. That was a miracle to me because it is impossible to obtain a British passport without making payments with the application documents. Two months later, I received both my Indefinite Stay and my British passport! I am now free by the grace of God to travel to accomplish my outreach ministry. One Word from God can indeed change your destiny! --- Sister Gifty
In June 2015, someone sold a car to me but he refused to give me the car documents because the terms of our agreement was that I would make half payment and pay the rest later in installments. It has been almost a year now and I still have been unable to register the car without the documents. I also refused to pay for a car that I have not been able to use. On 12th May 2016, Prophet Annor preached about King Hezekiah in Isaiah 37:14. Likewise, I also spread this case before God. When I got home after church that day, my husband informed me that the man who sold the car to me called him to apologize for his behavior and had also reduced the price of the car by 30%. Therefore, instead of paying USD $11,000 I only paid USD $7,000. I also have my car papers now. Glory be to God! --- Sister Gifty
Glory be to His holy mighty name for His faithfulness is forever more. On Thursday 12th May 2016, I fellowshipped with ICGC Holy Ghost Temple for the very first time and I experienced a divine miracle from God Almighty. Then on Saturday, 14th May 2016, I picked three men up with my taxi cab which I drive on part-time basis. I picked them from Sakora, around Adenta SDA at about 11pm and they asked that I take them to the Adenta Highway around Aben Woha last stop. Upon reaching their destination, the three men came down with cutlasses asking me to get out of the car and give them all the money I had made. They threatened to kill me if I shouted, assaulted my back with the back of their cutlasses, then took my car away. I was terrified! I started shouting for help and begun to run after them after they had sped off with my car. After continuous running after them, I became tired and could run no more so I began to walk. After walking for several miles, I saw my car parked somewhere far away. Upon reaching where the car was parked, I noticed there was no one in the car. With the help of a passer-by, I started the car and the engine came on. I stepped on the accelerator but the car couldn’t move. It was then that I realized that the accelerator cable had miraculously removed and that was why the robbers could not go further with my car. To the glory of God Almighty, the accelerator cable had removed, thereby stopping what the enemy had planned. This is my testimony to the glorification of the Lord Almighty. Praise be to His Holy Name! --- John Kwame
I say to the Glory of GOD that during the last spiritual emphasis GOD delivered me from a series of demonic attacks. I cannot recount all that happened in proper order but I am overjoyed with gratitude and I want to thank GOD for saving my life again and again and again. These attacks started on Monday the 21st of March at dawn. They persisted throughout the Easter which was also our Spiritual Emphasis week. On one such occasion I experienced a panic attack in the middle of the night (a feeling of rapid heart beat, breathlessness, feeling very sick and feverish) I started praying like never before and also decided to call for help but nobody answered. I struggled to go down stairs to knock on my neighbour’s door but no one answered. There was nothing else to do except to continue to rebuke and decree and declare and eventually settled down to praise and worship. By about 4.am, all the symptoms started subsiding gradually. I was both relieved and thankful to GOD that nobody responded to my calls for help except the HOLY SPIRIT and MINISTERING ANGELS!!! I say to the Glory of God that through all these I knew I was never alone, as I could feel and sense a strong DIVINE PRESENCE guiding me and instructing me on exactly what to do, what or how to pray, including what songs to sing while I sought the face of GOD and waited for HIS DIVINE INTERVENTION. I experienced other attacks on other days including severe pain in my heart with burning sensations, but one after the other GOD delivered me from them all. In the middle of all these, I remembered the Prophet of GOD prayed for me during the Spiritual Emphasis program, saying ‘woman do not be afraid’ I then realized indeed, GOD already knew what was going to happen and the Prophet had also prayed for my preservation and protection ahead of time!!! Looking back now, I can say I am most grateful to GOD for this experience and to our Prophet and Mama, our First Lady. GOD Bless them for constantly interceding on our behalf. It’s a miracle that I am alive and I am overwhelmingly grateful to GOD!!! Through it all I have come face to face with Divine intervention, and I have learnt to trust in GOD and lean on HIS mighty hand. Oh magnify the LORD with me and forget not HIS benefits…. Psalm 34 is my prayer of thanksgiving. AMEN!!! --- Shika
Beloved, I have a marvelous testimony I want to share for everyone to serve God well and keep on trusting in him. In the evening of 23rd March 2016, we came for the Easter edition of the Spiritual Emphasis program at the Holy Ghost Temple. After the program ended, we went home with my husband’s family. On our way, it suddenly began to rain so they decided to go with us to our home to wait for the rain to stop before leaving for their respective homes. As soon as we entered our home, the lights went out, and about 10 minutes later, the whole roof of the entire house removed and fell on us in the house. All we could see was the sky, blocks and debris falling on us. But we thank God that NONE OF US got hurt. We managed to get out of the rooms to a neighbor’s house to spend the night till the next morning. I therefore thank God for this great deliverance!!! Amen. --- Mrs. Gifty Donkor
This is a testimony to thank God for a mental healing He granted me through Eric, a fellow church member during a Covenant Family meeting. I was involved in a motor accident which landed me in coma for close to three weeks, but God spared my life and gave me another opportunity to be among the living. The accident happened on 13th April 2009, which was a day to my 28th birthday. As a result, I spent my birthday in coma at the 37 Military Hospital. I couldn’t walk nor crawl after I was discharged from the hospital. I only realized this fact when my family took me home and placed me in my room, as they went outside for some fresh air. I tried getting up from the chair in which I was sitting to turn on the TV so I could listen to the news. To my surprise, I fell down the moment I got out of the chair. I tried a second time but had the same result. I then decided to crawl from where I had fallen to where the TV was since it was just about 2 meters away. To my dismay, I could not crawl either so I called on my little sister Jennifer for her assistance, which she gladly gave. At that moment I accepted the physical reality of not being able to do things like the way I used to, but with the hope that things would get better with time. After few weeks of using the wheel chair which I brought from the hospital, I decided to learn how to walk with some form of walking aid so I could be independent in terms of my movement and also be able to resume work as I wasn’t used to staying at home doing nothing. This was achieved by the grace and power of God; I resumed work exactly a week after securing the walking aid. I subsequently improved from the walking aid to a walking stick. With these wonderful improvements over a period of less than a year, the quest to getting better to my normal self still persisted. I therefore forcefully began to walk without the stick which I succeeded, but for a rather short time as I was advised by medical practitioners and other concerned health professionals in my neighborhood to continue using the walking stick. They explained that my decision to drop the stick was at a rather premature stage and could deform my walking posture after I’m fully healed. Meanwhile, the neurologist who attended to me at the hospital assured me that I would be fine although it would take some time because of the head injury sustained during the motor accident. With these two concerns from the medical point of view, my quest to walking without the aid of the walking stick was shuttered. For about 6 years, I had been so comfortable walking with the stick to the extent that I felt uneasy moving out of my house without the stick. Two weeks ago, during a Sunday service at the ICGC Holy Ghost Temple, the Holy Spirit led Prophet Christopher Annor to anoint almost the whole of the gathered congregation so I went forward to be anointed as well. On my way back to my seat, Eric, who was sitting close to where I was walking called me and expressed his desire to have a short discussion with me during our Covenant Family Meeting later that evening. I welcomed his invitation and made it a point to honor it. Shortly after the Covenant Family meeting had closed, we had our scheduled discussion. To my very big surprise, all the meeting was about was for me to narrate the incidence leading to my use of a walking stick. After listening to my story, Eric made me understand how deceitful and cunning the devil could maneuver and have his way through human beings, just like how God our Maker uses fellow human beings in bringing healing to His people. These words went down so deep into my subconscious mind that instantly I felt I had a mental healing, hence my bold and determined decision to walk without the aid of the stick. Glory be to God, it has been two weeks and I can walk perfectly; I go to work and embark on other errands without my deceitful companion; the walking stick. Thank you Holy Spirit for your healing power! Hallelujah!!!!! --- Erasmus Tagoe
We are thanking God almighty for healing the broken thigh bone of our four year old son. It all happened on 19th September 2015. In the morning, we put our son on the school bus to be taken to school as usual. Upon reaching home, we got a call from the school that our son had fallen from the bus and broken his right thigh bone in the process. This was confirmed by an x-ray scan at the Valley View Hospital. The hospital then referred us to the 37 Military Hospital for further treatment where we were told that our son had to be admitted for six weeks (one month two weeks) as per the treatment period. However, by the help of our Lord Jesus Christ, our son spent only one month (four weeks) at the hospital and was discharged. To God be the glory, the bone healed completely and our son can walk again. Praise the living God who brought life back to the lifeless bone. Now our son can walk perfectly without any help; he can run, jump and do anything his mates are doing. Therefore, we say “Thank You Doctor Jesus”. We advise all Christian friends to get closer to God in any situation and keep trusting Him. --- The Korku Family
On Friday 20th November, I went to work and left my wife at home. She was later to go to the market to shop. Before leaving for the market, she decided to heat some soup to eat banku. For some reason, she totally forgot about the soup on fire, skipped breakfast, and left for the market without turning off the gas cooker. The soup and the saucepan eventually got severely burnt. However when it was intense to the point where the kitchen cupboard could catch fire, I believe the LPG in the cylinder surprisingly got finished and so the burnt pan cooled off. Had it not been Jesus’s intervention, who else could have prevented the house from being engulfed in fire? On the morning of the incident, I repeatedly heard “fire, fire” when I woke up from bed but I did not understand what it meant. However, I kept praying without knowing what or who I was praying for. I was later to understand what it meant. Please help me give glory and thanks to the Almighty God in Jesus name. Amen. --- A Couple
Since my Secondary School days, I’ve had severe migraines which got worse as I got into the University. By God’s infinite grace, I was still able to graduate with a 2nd Class Upper although the severe migraines made it difficult. Four years after my University education, the migraines continued and even got worse so I had to see a Specialist at the Korle-Bu Hospital; Dr Agyei who recommended that I take an MRI Scan. I did take the scan but the results came out negative so my doctor put me on medication called Topiramate and Zolmitriptan. These drugs were very expensive and consumed all the little money I worked so hard for, but at that moment, they were the only thing that kept me migraines-free so I had no choice than to purchase them. I continued to take the drugs for about two years until I was introduced to ICGC - Holy Ghost Temple by a sister. I was in attendance at the Solution Centre one afternoon when our daddy, Prophet Annor asked us to touch any part of our bodies that needed healing in prayers. I did so with so much faith, wanting to end the pain I felt and the financial distress it brought to me. That night when I got home, I decided not to take the drugs, believing that I was healed. I say this to the glory of God that since that night, I haven’t experienced any migraine attacks again, and it's been 6 months already. I am free indeed and I thank the Lord for using our daddy, Prophet Annor to heal me. Glory be to God Almighty! --- Miranda Agore
This is a testimony of the things the Lord God Almighty saw us through these past five years of our marriage. I am sharing this testimony with you so that you all will help me thank God Almighty for healing me from sicknesses that almost sent me to an early grave. This happened just after six months of marriage. I woke up one morning to find my legs swollen; the swelling spread from my legs to my stomach, and within a week, my whole body had swollen to about ten times my normal body size. As a result, I was unable to walk, eat, drink or even sleep. I simply laid down at one place with no movement because l was just too heavy and sore. I couldn’t pass out urine so all the water retained inside my body. It got to a point where my body started decaying, all my hair fell out, and my nails came off. I had to use adult diapers because my male organs were extremely swollen and often discharged decompose-like liquids as a result of the sore. None of the herbal medicines and drugs from doctors could cure me. In fact, things got worse by the day. Just when I thought it was all over and all hope was lost, The Great Physician and Master Healer, Jesus Christ visited me from above and everything started working speedily beyond all imagination. Indeed when God's time comes, He does great and marvelous things and He makes everything beautiful. When all hope was gone, the only thing that kept me alive was my faith. As the saying goes, when you run out of rope, it is time to grab onto faith. In all, it wasn’t easy but God stretched out His merciful hand and kissed all my pain and sorrows away and turned everything around for my good because l looked up to him. My dear friends please help me thank God almighty for He is good and His mercy endures forever. Indeed He is God and as He has been so merciful to me and my family He will do so and even more for you also. Just keep trusting Him. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He never changes. Hallelujah! God is good all the time. --- Cyril K. Kpor
One day, as I was travelling from Keta to Accra, a motor rider suddenly appeared from a minor bush road at the opposite end of the main road and rode straight in front of my car which was moving at top speed. At that moment, I had two options; to crush him to death, or to drive into the bush where my car will be crashed with all four passengers onboard my vehicle. I took the second option and was heading straight into a ditch at top speed; however something strange happened. I have no idea how it happened, but I managed to move onto the road again at that speed. I ascribe this to the invisible hand of God that brought me back onto the road. I thank God for saving my life, the life of the motor rider, and the lives of the four passengers onboard my vehicle. God is always faithful. I will praise Him all the days of my life. --- Leonard Gobah
My dear brothers and sisters, the God of Holy Ghost Temple is alive! I have experienced God as a Healer! He healed me from Cervical Spondylosis which I had for over 7 years! Our dear pastor and prophet, Christopher Yaw Annor was ministering one evening and mentioned the name ‘Akosua Angela’. I knew immediately that I was the one so I went forward and he prophesied that God was giving me a new spine. I was overjoyed and I received the Word in my heart. However, when I got home that evening, there was a battle; I continued to feel the severe pain. The pain continued for weeks, even months and I couldn’t sleep without the Olfen tablets and gels and the little massages from my husband. Through it all, I still stood on the Word I heard from the prophet and kept thanking God and confessing my healing amidst the pain. I want to say this to the glory of God that I don’t remember the last time I felt severe pain on my back or neck. I can turn my neck on every side and in every angle without pain. I can lift things and I sleep soundly without any interruptions from pain. I am healed! That same enemy tried to attack my breast. I discovered a strange lump in my breast that kept increasing in size so I immediately arranged to see the doctor, who examined it and concluded that we had a problem on our hands. He immediately booked me for a surgery. Then I remembered I had a Father in Heaven who could take care of this one too. I had the privilege to meet with Prophet Annor who prayed with me and told me not to fear. We continued in prayer, believing that this God of Holy Ghost Temple would intervene. On the day of the surgery, for some strange reason, the surgeon did not turn up. As such, the surgery was rescheduled to the following week. I say this to the glory of God; I didn’t have to go through that surgery at all! The strange lump disappeared and the doctor was so confused that I had to tell him the secret! God did this one too! All I can say is “God is alive!”. I have only shared two of my testimonies. I can go on and on and on. Praise the Lord!! --- Angelica
Three years ago, while in Senior High School, I was attacked with severe migraines. As a result, I stayed out of school for many days, sometimes weeks. For a particular semester, I stayed in school for only 6 weeks, out of about 13 weeks of the usual school calendar, and I was never able to stay in school for a complete week. The migraines came with sleepless nights, high sensitivity to sound and light, and there were days that I couldn’t speak because my voice just suddenly went mute and my ears hurt severely. I went to many hospitals and had many tests run but the doctors seemed to find nothing wrong with me. At a point, one doctor thought it was a tumor so he asked me to take a CT scan. I was very afraid, but on the day I went into the machine for the scan, I prayed in my heart, and thank God the results came out clean. I had no tumor but the migraines continued. I attended the Solution Centre service with my father on many occasions because he was very restless. There came a time when I lost all hope and cried a lot because I was out of school for so long and my friends were getting ahead of me in class. The pain was so much that I couldn’t even read. On one day, I spoke with Prophet Annor in his office and he prayed with me and asked me to have faith and not be afraid because God was with me and would deliver me from the storm. On one Friday night when I attended the Friday Prayer Service, he called me and prophesied that God would calm the storm. He also prophesied that God had blessed me with knowledge to influence the lives of many women across the world. My situation (the migraines that kept me out of school) was a storm to fight my destiny but he asked me to have faith, be still and believe that God had overcome the storm. At Prophet Annor’s request, the whole congregation prayed for me that night. The pains diminished gradually, and after a few months, I never had migraines again. To the glory of God, even in the semesters that I was out of school, I had the highest GPA in my year group. For the past two years since my miracle, I have never had migraines. God has blessed me with academic excellence, I have never had a GPA below 3.60 and I had 7As in my WASSCE last year. By God’s grace, I gained admission to Ashesi University with a 45% scholarship on tuition. I’m still excelling academically by God’s infinite grace and for my first year in the university (2014/2015 academic year), I am on the Dean’s List. Hosanna to our King is the song in my heart for God has worked on His Word in my life. Amen! --- Harriet Mate-Kole
I have been coming for the Thursday Solution Center Service for sometime now and been praying for a new job. On one occasion during the service, the Prophet of God stood in the aisle closer to where I was seated and said "there is a miracle here for someone". I claimed that prophecy and believed in my heart that it was mine. Glory be to God, exactly a week later, I got a new job! I am so grateful to God for this miracle, and I thank the Prophet of God. May God continue to bless him and the church. Amen. --- Beatrice Tamakloe
I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure two years ago when i went to the hospital with a cut on my leg. I was devastated so I sent a text message to Prophet Annor who prayed with me and asked me not to entertain any fears. He then gave me a prophecy that my medication would be reduced gradually till I'm taken off medication completely. Strangely, any time the doctor promised to take me off the medication, my blood pressure went high up. Nonetheless, Prophet kept on encouraging and praying with me. In January this year, i went for my monthly review and by the grace of God, the doctor took me off the medication on the condition that i would take my Blood Pressure readings every other day and report again in two weeks. Glory be to God my readings were back to normal and stable without any medication. I thank God for His healing power and also to Prophet Annor for his prayers and encouragement. --- Kwabena Appiakorang
My husband and I are not members of the church but have been coming to the Prophetic Solution Center for some time now. About two months ago, our little boy, 11 months at that time started passing blood in his stool. this started on a Monday morning. My husband saw a pharmacist friend of his who gave the baby some drugs.This did not stop the bleeding. I went back to see the lady who asked us to wait for a couple of days as the 5 day duration given to take the drugs was not up. By Thursday the amount for fresh blood passed was quite substantial and I began to panic. We had run out of funds for the week and all I had to do was to pray and be hopeful. All this while the boy was very energetic and playful. On Friday, when I picked my son form school I realized he wasn't well but the teacher said he had been sleeping hence the dull nature. By the time we got home my boy was very lethargic, would not sit unsupported, not smile let alone laugh. I called my husband to come home. Upon seeing the boy's condition he asked that we get some money and go to the hospital, though i did not know where we would get the money from. It was the first Friday of the month (February) and I knew it was a Communion Service at the Holy Ghost Temple, so I asked that we go to the Holy Ghost Temple for the service ( our first time attending their Communion service). He was initially reluctant as the boy's condition was getting serious. so we agreed that the whole family would go and afterwards we would "look" for the money and go to the hospital. During the drive from Ashale Botwe to Frafraha, our boy slept throughout the journey. Immediately we got into the Auditorium, our little boy woke up to the sound of music and started singing his own version. He talked and laughed and we were all amazed. When it was time for the Communion, I took one for him and prayed to God to heal my son as we had no help but Him, and His word says that by His stripes we are healed. Our son took the bread and wine without rejecting it. The issue of taking him to the hospital did not come up again because he looked better. That dawn, his temperature increased again and we prayed to God and thanked Him for we knew He had already healed him. By the next morning, the high temperature and vomiting had disappeared and to the glory of God, not even a tinge of blood appeared in his stool again. To the glory of God, Joel has turned one and he is a happy little boy. We thank the good Lord for the healing power in the blood. AMEN --- Sister Sheila

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