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Your Passion:
What are you passionate about?
Your life’s passion is the seat of insistent desire
Make a list of your intent desires and passions
They point you in the to your life’s purpose
Anything you do without passion brings stress
Your passion is for service in the house of God
Real passion in your heart is often the will of God
Real passion in your heart shows what you will be
Passionate people will make it in life
Successful people are passionate to be successful
Bring your misdirected passions into the will of God
Your passions help you know why you are made

Commit your passion to God; He will establish them
Men plan; God directs
Pray concerning your passions and purpose
Be certain there’s a specific purpose for your life
That purpose displays your uniqueness and you must celebrate it
You are not an afterthought; God had you in mind

Seek God’s mind concerning you; You will find it
Pray God’s purpose for your life into being
Age cannot limit your purpose
Purpose is not the profession you choose; It is what you make out of it

How to Achieve Your Passion:
Make the list of your intent desires, passions, goals
Pray about them
Establish strategies to achieve those goals
Make a list of your gifts, talents and skills- choose a life career
Find where your passion is lucrative (if there is no direction yet)
If there is direction, follow God’s leading
There is a passion in you; you cannot fail

John 1:23
Mark 11:21-24
Luke 18:41-43
John 4
Psalm 37:5
Proverbs 16:9
Proverbs 16:3
Psalm 139:14
Matthew 7:7



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