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Scripture References:
1 Samuel 16:11-18
Daniel 6:3
John 10:11
Acts 10:38
John 3:2

– You cannot live effectively as a Christian without God’s anointing upon your life.

– To be a leader, you must know that you are a leader.

– For your leadership anointing to flow, something must die for Jesus to take over.

– Intellect is important but Intellect without God is very dangerous.

– As a leader, you need God’s Spirit to lead.

– You need to be ushered into your destiny before you can fulfill it.

– There is promotion is the midst of the problems.

– When the Spirit of God leaves you, your mandate to rule is over.(King Saul)

– A leader must be prudent in speech.

Qualities of a leader:
A leader must;
– Be skillful
– Be a mighty man of valor
– Be prudent in speech
– Be handsome in character
– Have the backing of the Lord
1 Samuel 16:18



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