At the entrance to the auditorium you meet our Special Greeters, who are waiting to receive you with a friendly smile, lovely handshake and a word of encouragement. We appreciate your decision to worship with us today.
You will receive a warm and friendly welcome, and with a smile ushered unto your seat. This shows how accepted you are in God’s family. They help to receive your offering, serve the communion in an orderly way and provide general guide.


The Special Guest Follow-Up Team is always ready to receive the altar call respondents, explain the salvation message to them, pray with them and introduce them to the nearest Covenant Family. They take their particulars, visit them at home, encourage them with the word of God and help them grow in Christ.

Cash Team

The responsibility of counting and accounting for God’s monies collected during church services rest on this team.

Armour Bearers

The Amour Bearers support the Senior Pastor and Assistant Pastors in prayer, protocol and close-proximity protection. They also support them in ministrations and during services.

Audio-Visual Team

The Team works behind the scenes to make sure all equipment run as smoothly as possible for the Pastors, leaders, music team and the benefit of the entire congregation. Without the dedicated team there would be no words for the songs on the screen, no amplification for the musicians and no recordings of the sermons for you to listen back to online.

Floral & Decor Team

With floral arrangements, ribbons and fabric work, they create beauty in the temple and its environs.

Traffic Control

For an effective and efficient control of vehicular movement in a friendly way on the car park, both outside and within the premises, count on this group. They direct the incoming cars for safe parking and easy access for exit at all church activities.

Security Department

They ensure that the Pastors, congregation, vehicles of worshipers and the general properties of the church are safe and protected during all church services.

Medical Team

God desires that you live in good health. To practice this, we have assembled the medical professionals in the church to provide general medical services to members. They handle emergency cases during church services, facilitate medically oriented programs, screen, educate and advice the church on health issues accordingly.

Intercessory Department

As a Church, we are committed to pray, knowing that our Heavenly father will answer our requests.
Your needs are important to us therefore, share your prayer requests with the intercessors. They meet on every Wednesday evening to pray for the Nation, Church and You

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