Human beings were created by God for fellowship and this has brought about many social structures in society. God’s expectation is that through His church and the influence of Pastors, the spiritual, emotional, social and physical needs of His people would be met.

It is to fulfill these needs that the ICGC has a community-based fellowship called Covenant Family. The meeting which is mostly held in a home of a church member brings together all ICGC members in a particular locality with a spiritually-matured and trained person as a leader responsible for their welfare.

The leaders perform naming ceremonies for the covenant family members, pray for them, visit them when they are sick both at the hospital and at home, encourage them with the word of God in all moments, and help them to live victorious Christian life.
Once a week, they meet for bible studies in a discursive form where members participate in both asking of questions and answers while the leader facilitates. In addition, they evangelize, break bread and have total fellowship.

In order to minister effectively to the member, it limits the membership to between two and thirty beyond which another is formed within the same community.

To ICGC, this community group fellowship seeks to help achieve the following:
• Provides pastoral care, personal attention and sense of belonging.
• Provides opportunity for members to discover and use their talents and spiritual gifts
• Provides opportunity for Christian maturity and leadership among the church community and in God’s house
• Provide opportunity for members to learn to share, give and care for one another
• Provides opportunity to live the Christian faith and grow to serve in the Lord
• Provides opportunity for members to express God’s genuine love to their community

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