The fear of the Lord
is the beginning of wisdom
By wisdom
He has founded the earth
By understanding
He has established the heavens
The Lord gives wisdom
From His mouth
comes knowledge
and understanding
I incline my ear
To the instruction of the Lord
And my heart
To His Spirit
I believe in my heart
And confess with my mouth
That Jesus is Lord
He is Christ
The power of God
And the wisdom of God
In Him are hidden
All the treasures
of wisdom and knowledge
I have the mind of Christ
His word
Is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path
Therefore, my steps
Are ordered in righteousness
On Christ the solid Rock
I stand
His wisdom and knowledge
Are the stability of my life
I declare the word of the Lord
Eye has not seen,
Nor ear heard,
Nor have entered
Into the heart of man
The things
Which God Has prepared for me
I am blessed in Christ
And Increase
Are mine
In Jesus’ name, Amen